That dreaded nightmare of going bald

Published: 29th March 2011
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A recent survey indicates the human obsession for long silky and abundant hair. Yes, I am not joking when I say that most people, when asked to list their nightmares quoted that more than losing their money overnight, they feared going bald. It is a fact worth pondering that which chromosome triggers such excessive inherent drive to spend a fortune just to ensure that hair is rooted at your bald. I am sure the fables recited to us in our childhood have a serious impact as far as this frenzy for long hair is concerned. We as children are shown images of fairies and Rapunzel with long flowing hair so it kind of becomes natural for us to associate beauty with hair.

But no matter how hard we try to nurture the growth on our head it is bound to rise up in mutiny one day or the other. Hair loss has today become an inevitable and unavoidable truth of our lives. It is not at all unusual in the times today to experience hair coming out from the wrong places just at the wrong moment. Hair loss is not specific to any caste creed or society. It is perhaps the only phenomenon which does not hold any bias against any sex in particular. Hair loss is as common in men as in women and children. But the kind of paranoia it triggers varies vastly in multitude. While many become socially awkward, it triggers an introvert string in the majority. In a society obsessed by the looks and appearance, it is but natural that a receding hairline sends the alarm bells ringing.

A couple of strands falling here and there do not pose any serious concerns until the hair loss becomes excessive with tufts of hair falling more than once a day and are visible at every sign of your existence, at your pillow, at your bathroom floor and where not. But do not ring the alarm bells. There is no need at all to panic. Gather information and most importantly, go and fix an appointment with your doctor. Because, if identified and worked upon in time, hair loss can be avoided and controlled.

In some of the cases the identified causes of hair loss cannot be reverted. For example, if the reason behind hair loss is traced to be genetic in nature, it might not be possible to rectify it easily. An irregular diet is another culprit. Causes can be as varied as hell and heaven even if their end repercussion is the same- rapid hair fall. While for some, the soaring stress levels and hectic work schedules can be held culprit, the increasingly sedentary lifestyle is the triggering reason for many. Hormonal imbalance sometimes tends to rob you of your crowning glory too. All such causes can be controlled to some extent and hair loss averted. So a visit to your doctor can put to rest all the anxiety of losing hair and can restore your sleepless nights.

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